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Background Information
Origin London, United Kingdom
Genre(s) Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Art Rock, Pop Rock, Synthpop
Years active 1968 – 1980
1983 – 2004 (hiatus)
2008 – present

Yes are a progressive rock band founded in London in 1968.

Origins Edit

Yes originated in 1968, out of former members from a psychedelic rock band called Mabel Greer's Toyshop, singer Jon Anderson and bassist Chris Squire. The band hired drummer Bill Bruford to replace Bob Higgens, and guitarist Peter Banks was also added. Clive Bailey, the group's founding member, departed. With the recruit of keyboardist Tony Kaye, Yes was formed. The name was invented by Peter Banks, because he thought it stood out. Their first show was played at East Mersea Youth Camp in England on August 4th, 1968. Soon after this, they opened for Cream at their Farewell Concert at Royal Albert Hall. Melody Maker columnist Tony Wilson selected them and Led Zeppelin "Most Likely to Succeed".