Close to the Edge
Released 13 September, 1972
Recorded April-June, 1972
Genre (s) Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock
Length 37:51
Label (s) Atlantic Label
Producer Yes and Eddie Offord
Tales from Topographic Oceans
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The Fifth Studio Album by the Group Yes, it was released on Atlantic Record in September of 1972. It hit the top ten of the UK charts at no. 3 and no. 4 in the US and stayed there for 32 weeks. It was also the only album by Yes to top the Dutch Charts.

History and Content Edit

The Herman Hesse Book, Siddhartha, influenced the Title track according to Jon Anderson. It was suppose to be much like Hesse's Character "Close to the Edge" of the river which symbolically is a serial lifetimes of his soul where he has a spiritual awakening. According to Bill Bruford, the Album title reflected the state of the band at the time as he did with the predecessor Fragile.

Reception Edit

A Special Promotional version in a white label stated "Banded for Airplay" which in turn reflected what Yes did with the Title Tracks. The Track was divided into segments that ranged from 3-5 minutes of play considering the Radio Stations didn't want to play a large track the size of 18 Minutes. list the Album at the number one Progressive Rock album and was ranked number 72 on the Greatest Albums on Rate Your Music.

Track Listing Edit

1. Close to the Edge - 18:43

  • The Solid Time of Change
  • Total Mass Retain
  • I Get Up, I Get Down
  • Seasons Of Man

2. And You and I - 10:08

  • Cord of Life
  • Eclipse
  • The Preacher The Teacher
  • Apocalypse

3. Siberian Khatru - 8:55

Personnel Edit